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When your IT system fails, it often seems that almost every computer in your network comes from a different manufacturer and that every notebook, computer and software manufacturer has their own guarantee terms and guarantee periods of different durations. Not to lose track of things is only possible as long as the number of computers and other devices in the company does not get out of hand. If a guarantee claim is made, then you continually have to deal with new contacts. A lot of time can go by until someone actually deals with your problem and Support works towards a solution. After all this, you still have to send the defect unit to the appropriate workshop and the downtime increases endlessly. Even if you have a maintenance contract with individual manufacturers, often this is only valid for the hardware. If you have a software problem it starts from the beginning once again. For these reasons, we offer you an extensive service for your company’s IT, which will save you all those phone calls and provide you with a single contact: 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, our emergency service will be your professional IT service for PC problems, software rollouts and hardware maintenance. You only need to take care of your orders and we will take care of the rest!

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Hardware maintenance and IT repairs from one source.

It doesn’t matter if a computer, notebook or server refuses to work: sooner or later every device needs servicing. Often a hardware defect needs repairing or an update rollout requires a system reinstallation. To avoid any service chaos that now threatens – because different manufacturers and IT service providers offer different support and maintenance services, you can rely on our many years of experience. We take care of your hardware maintenance and your software. We repair your computers and notebooks according to the service contract – even within a few hours. We will get your network up and running again. We take care of the installation of suitable software and implement complete IT rollouts. You will have only one partner who looks after your PC repairs and your entire IT infrastructure.

Different SLAs for different types of use.

Our individual service level agreements ensure that you only pay for the exact services you really need. From guarantee extensions to clearly defined maximum downtimes and support using replacement parts from emergency storage units in your direct vicinity, we offer you all imaginable types of service. For full costs-transparency we even offer you flexible payment plans for IT services that are not yet as common as others, for example Hardware as a Service (HaaS). Our services also include:

  • Swap Services
    Minimise your downtimes by carrying out a 1:1 hardware swap according to the arranged service level agreement.
  • Recovery
    Customer-specific service level agreements enable a quick recovery or repair of hardware features.
  • Guarantee extension
    Upgrading and/or extension of the duration of your existing manufacturer's guarantee using service packs or service contracts
  • IMAC/RD Services
    We can quickly and flexibly carry out on-site services, relocations and rollouts according to your requirements.
  • Hardware as a Service
    Structure the flexibility of your IT, for example, based on your project requirements. Benefit from flexible operating times and payment plans and a safe end-of-life management including certified data deletion at the end of the project.

More than just IT maintenance and software rollout.

As well as the typical tasks undertaken by our Repair Service, such as hardware maintenance, the selling of replacement parts and regular remote maintenance of your EDP environment, sometimes important changes to software and new software features must be introduced. Therefore, we also offer our customers, their employees and IT key users, training in the use of laptops and computers as well as IT security. In doing so we impart knowledge of new software and developments in the respective environments. Just speak to us!

Would you like more information about our reliable PC services? Then contact our experts. Together, we can work out appropriate maintenance and software rollout support.

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