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Business telephony is a matter for IT. Has remote work become important in your company? Samsung Mobile’s business solutions have the answer. One that can ensure secure use by employees, simple administration for your IT department and optimal control over your mobile environment. Let our Bechtle experts consult you on business opportunities for your company.

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Enterprise Edition

Security has always been important, but in the light of a surge in cybercriminality has become more crucial than ever before. For this reason, Samsung’s premium smartphone range for business is now available as an enterprise edition—an all-in-one solution when it comes to devices, security and support. This guarantees your organisation secure use and easy administration in the long term.

You will also benefit from three to four years of free regular security updates. What other advantages are there? We can list them up for you:

  • Several years of support and updates;
  • User-friendly administration with E-FOTA with MDM;
  • Free use of the Knox Suite for the first year.



Rugged devices

The big disadvantage with smartphones is that they are very fragile. Should you drop your device or bump against something, there is a big chance that your screen will smash. This is something that workers in rough environments cannot risk, for example in construction or the health sector. They need a phone that can withstand a lot. In this case we recommend buying rugged devices. Thanks to their robust housings they are resistant against bumps, drops and even water.

Are you thinking about buying rugged devices? These are the advantages:

  • The robust housing is resistant against bumps and drops,
  • They are often water and dustproof, perfect for builders,
  • They have all the functions of a normal smartphone.




Protecting your software is a must in every sector. This is not only the case for your employees’ laptops. Mobile devices also have to be secured. We at Bechtle know how important this is. Samsung Knox solutions protect your most sensitive information from malware and other threats. Furthermore, Samsung Knox provides transparency with its platform for mobile device administration.

Are you running Samsung smartphones or thinking about buying them and do you already have an MDM or are thinking about getting one? Then Knox Suite is just for you. Here are the advantages:

  • Protect information ranging from malware and other threats,
  • Registration and administration are easy,
  • Manage your mobile devices with only one licence.


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