HP and Poly accessories

Companies and their employees have had to quickly adapt to the new hybrid work reality, but combining office and remote working doesn’t only present unique opportunities, but plenty of challenges, too.

In the past, you could probably get away with a standardised solution for all your employees with just one or two exceptions, but today’s hybrid world of work requires taking into account the individual needs of various groups. The result? You need to offer specific solutions that seamlessly fulfil each employee’s distinct needs.




For executives

Your leaders need to be able to work seamlessly whether they are in the office or on the road. They are constantly on the go, dashing from one meeting to the next, visiting customers and having to sit down and check their e-mails as they do so. For them, mobility and flexibility are a top priority.


For trailblazers

Have staff who are always out in the field? They rely on seamless connectivity and flexibility to be able to work and collaborate at any time from anywhere. A compact keyboard, durable notebook case and wireless headset are essentials.


For office workers

The right accessories boost productivity, employee happiness and facilitate collaboration. An office worker doesn’t necessarily need a lot as they tend to have their own workstations, but accessories such as a good noise-cancelling headset, webcam and ergonomic mouse are high on the wish list.


A persona defines a specific type of user and using them can help determine the IT solutions required by specific users within your organisation. By outlining user profiles, dividing employees into personas and standardising the IT solutions on offer, you can provide the perfect combination of hardware, software and accessories to help every employee work to the best of their ability. When it comes to hybrid work solutions, HP and Poly differentiate between office-based staff, those out on the road and executives.

By tailoring your IT offerings to the personas within your organisation, you can provide your employees with customised services while ensuring standardisation at the corporate level. This doesn’t only mean your employees get the tools they need to get the job done as efficiently as possible, but will also make securing and managing your IT landscape significantly easier. The result is increased productivity and employee satisfaction alongside less IT management and support.

HP’s acquisition of Poly has seen two leading companies combine forces to offer an extensive portfolio of solutions for meeting rooms, the home office and collaboration that also simplify IT management in the hybrid workplace. The dovetailing of innovation and user-friendliness form the foundation for successful working and also provide the flexibility you need to fulfil your employees’ and your company’s every-changing needs.