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ARTICONA. Docking stations: smart, practical, and elegant – perfect for every IT workstation.

Compatible with all notebooks and featuring the right interfaces, it’s great for working.


Cutting-edge and ever slimmer notebooks and tablets seem to come with fewer and fewer ports. ARTICONA docking stations let you keep pace and simplify using your device – whether you’re at the office, working from home, on-the-go or at a customer’s – and stay flexible. Discover ARTICONA’s range of docking stations now and extend your notebook or tablet.

Compatible with all notebooks and featuring the right interfaces, it’s great for working. The docking stations you need.





ARTICONA docking stations ...

  • Work with your notebook, whatever its brand
  • Work with both Microsoft Windows and MacOS
  • Don’t require any drivers




ARTICONA docking stations ...

  • Offer versatile and simultaneous connection options for all the devices you need
  • Facilitate high-resolution multi-monitor use
  • Expand and extend an ultra-mobile workstation from your bag – just like a static workstation.




ARTICONA docking stations ...

  • Feature USB ports for a multitude of peripherals
  • Enable charging and power supply while you work with Power Delivery
  • Make it easy and convenient to use several data media – from external hard drives with USB to SD cards.
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      ARTICONA docking stations in detail: What is most important to you?


      Always having the right video port available.

      From HDMI or DisplayPort for high-resolution and digital connections or VGA for classic monitor connection: You keep all your options open. Extend you notebook by up to two 4K screens with just a single cable.


      Your answer to the various USB standards.

      Use the cutting-edge all-rounder USB-C to transfer data, video/audio signals, and power all at once. Charge your notebook and smartphone with USB 3.0 quickly while you work and connect your peripherals with USB-A ports.


      Lightning-quick interface.

      With Power Delivery of up to 85 W, the Thunderbolt 3 port supplies more than enough power for charging. With the additional Thunderbolt 3, you can connect up a monitor or an additional device via USB-C for first-class image, sound, and data transfer.


      Smart security – Built-in Kensington slots.

      Just as you keep your notebook secure, the same applies to your docking station – top-notch theft protection. The built-in Kensington security slot and Nano security slot keep your docking station exactly where it should be at all times.


      Your audio devices – Once connected, always on hand.

      Headphones, microphone, and speakers generally come with a 3.5 mm audio jack. The audio ports on your docking station mean your audio devices can stay connected and are always ready-to-go.


      Even more functionality in the smallest footprint.

      The best connection to your company network in the office is ensured via an RJ45 LAN port with Gigabit speed. With an integrated SD card slot, you can easily read data or export to all of your SD cards.

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        ARTICONA docking stations: The answer to your needs.
        Docking stations for mobile working.

        Small and lightweight: Fits in any bag, perfect for mobile use.
        Quick charging: Power Delivery for on the go, too.
        Connections galore: Monitor connections you can use simultaneously and enough USB hubs.

        Docking stations for working with a desktop.

        High resolution: Optimum video and audio transfer without loss of quality.
        Compatible: Supports Windows and MacOS. 
        Powerful: Double your screen experience, supply power and also connect up peripherals.