Welcome to the Kuehne+Nagel Employee IT webshop


Within this online portal you are able to order IT accessories for your Kuehne & Nagel workspace and daily IT needs. The products available in this shop are selected by the Kuehne & Nagel IT Department.


When your preferred item is not available or when you need other products for an IT project please contact the Kuehne & Nagel IT Servicedesk and do not place an order via this webshop for this purpose.



* You are allowed to order once for a maximum amount of €150,00 excluding VAT for your personal IT accessories.


* Headsets and the HP Display are an exception and can only be ordered with approval of your in-line manager.


* For each order placed you are obliged to enter:

Kuehne + Nagel Cost Center Code / Kostenplaats

K+N Emailaddress

Correct Delivery Address and Invoice Address

Please double check your address, once the address is revised you will need to check the box to confirm the address.

Info & Contact:

A detailed instruction  of the webshop can be found by clicking here.

For questions and/or remarks you can sent an e-mail to:

We strive to answer your question within 1-2 business days.


Quick Shopping Cart instruction:

Yellow Square: Choose the right invoice address K+N NV or BV matching your Costcenter/Kostenplaats.

Blue Square: Choose the right delivery address.

IMPORTANT once you revise please check the box (red circle) with Wijzig Afleveradres/Change Delivery Adress. Otherwhise the address will not be changed.

Right side Light Blue: Please enter your K+N Kostenplaats.